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Belle Art

Corrie Ancone

Born in The Netherlands. Migrated to Australia with her family at the age of 5.

After completing College, Corrie worked as a Psychiatric Nurse & Draftman’s Assistant whilst studying Dressmaking, Fashion Drawing & Design as a part time student, at the former Institute of Technology. S.A and then continued  studies in Drawing & Craft for 2 years at the S.A. School Of Art.

After a year of working at Taylors of Adelaide as a Lingerie Designer, she left with enthusiasm to study a Diploma of Fine Art (Painting)  full  time at the S.A. School Of Art, where she was introduced to photography, which would later become her artistic passion and a successful career.

Over the years,Corrie has taught Photography, Copper Craft & Children’s Art in several Institutions & Art Organizations in S.A.

She has worked as a Professional Freelance Photographer & as an Exhibiting Artist, for over 4 decades in S.A., Sydney & O/S.

Her work is held in private Collections , published in many books & magazines world wide & represented in many online art galleries.

​Artist image statement:
​”My creativity is heavily influenced by nature, colour, texture, the human body, the Earths landscape. Techniques and working styles of the early European Dadaists, Impressionists and Baroque artists play a huge part in my lust for finding and exploring sympathies between the human body, the landscape and its textures.

Oscillating between transparency and opacity, with the technique of montage & overlay, I create rich photographic art conveying the surreal, the in-between, the ambiguity of human form, the lusciousness of nature and the allegoric windows in urban surrounds.

New visual and emotional images surface, often painterly and somewhat surreal. Images that harness the feelings these memories inspire, rather than their physical qualities affecting the perceptions of natural reality, like metamorphosis. This is “synthetic realism”.

I don’t care for the certainty of what’s in front of my lens, but the creativity, the fantasy, the invention, that can gush from a thought before or thereafter. Between the certain and uncertain, there’s a possible space, like in dreams and fables. A process of losing myself and shedding the ego.”